is a mid-sized company that has been supplying the argentine market since 1971. With almost three decades of experience in the industrial electronics field, we are now successfully extending our reach to the Mercosur market.
Boherdi Electrónica relies on its own manufacturing plant, which is Boherdi Electrónica owns a 'state of the art' manufacturing plant, run by a staff of highly trained professionals. Our traditional quality and customer care policy are the main reasons behind our growth in the market and the source of great recognition from our customers in both national and international markets.

Through the mustering of resources from different areas and cross controlling, we are able to shorten our manufacturing time.
Even so, Boherdi Electrónica manages to keep its tradition of a higher standard, through careful assignment of tasks, training and quality control.
Our management team, loyal to our policy of serving the customer in an effective and efficient manner, keeps his mind not only on the proper management of materials and supplies, but also on a careful selection of suppliers and supervision of deliveries.

Boherdi Electrónica has not overdeveloped its structure, since it may count on carefully chosen parallel channels in order to satisfy unexpected demands.

Boherdi electrónica has joined the revolutionary reengineering concept, centered in two levels. In the fist one, the business: reaching our customers through a direct distribution, avoiding middlemen and keeping control on our product series. In the second one, the processes: restating constantly the way to carry out the different workflow strategies to serve our customers better.


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